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Fibozachi Logo - Superior Trading Indicators


Find the Best Trade Setups in Seconds!

— Automated Signal Scanning for High-Probability Reversals —


  • Find the Most Powerful Buy & Sell Signals
  • Save Time and Reduce Frustration
  • Improve Your Results

The Elite Indicators provide an invaluable edge with their real-time and end-of-day scanning capabilities.  These scans unlock the full potential of the Elite Indicators by locating Buy Signals and Sell Signals for any trading instrument.  They also work on any interval period of time, tick, and volume — as well as alternative chart types like Renko, Range, and Kase Bars.  You can run real-time scans to locate the strongest intraday signals and end-of-day scans to locate signals across the daily, weekly and monthly time-frames!


Whether you trade stocks, options, ETFs, fixed income, futures, or Forex...
scanning with the Elite Indicators will find you the best trade setups!


Demo or Purchase the Elite Indicators to Scan for Reversal Signals across:


  • Every Stock and ETF
  • Every Currency Pair and Forex Symbol
  • Every Index & Commodity Futures Contract (from the ES to Pork Bellies)
  • High-Volume Options  


The Elite Indicators are designed to scan with:

Scan for signals and trend conditions with the NinjaTrader Market Analyzer
NinjaTrader Market Analyzer
Scan for signals and trend conditions with the TradeStation RadarScreen
TradeStation RadarScreen & Scanner
Scan for signals and trend conditions with the MultiCharts Market Scanner
MultiCharts Market Scanner