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Gold Star Icon  Elite Reversals™ Indicator  Gold Star Icon  


The most powerful trading Indicator that we have ever released, the Elite Reversals™ plots reversal signals from ALL of the Elite Indicators simultaneously. It predicts major tops and bottoms with remarkable accuracy by identifying "signal clusters" — areas where reversal signals trigger across 2 or more Elite Indicators. When this occurs, the likelihood of a price reversal skyrockets because there is confluence between multiple reversal-based algorithms.


2 Signals = Minor confluence: A noteworthy reversal signal

3 Signals = Major confluence: A powerful reversal signal

4 Signals = Extreme confluence: An extremely powerful reversal signal

5 Signals = Complete confluence: The most powerful and accurate reversal signal. All Elite Indicators and their unique algorithms are in full harmony


★  Elite Oscillator = Row 1 (Top Row)

★  Elite Cycles I & II = Row 2

★  Elite Scalper Dots = Row 3

★  Elite Exits = Row 4

★  Elite Trend Zones = Row 5 (Bottom Row)





Gold Star Icon  Elite Multi Time Frame (MTF) Indicators  Gold Star Icon  


Take your trading to the next level with the power of Multi Time Frame and Multi Instrument analysis. The Elite MTF Indicators can display signals and trend conditions from 5 different timeframes and instruments at once!

Most successful traders monitor conditions across several different timeframes, from the daily or weekly on down to the 5-minute. Looking at only one timeframe can result in confusion and misguided trades due to the ‘noise’ of random price action. Because the trend on a 30-minute chart may be drastically different than the trend on a 120-minute or 5-minute chart, it is extremely helpful to know when they are in harmony or disagreement.


➤  Monitors up to 5 different timeframes and instruments at once

Being able to choose both the timeframe and instrument for each of the 5 datastreams unlocks new methods for trading and chart analysis. While some traders are familiar with MTF Indicators, only our versions have the ability to be used as Multi-Instrument Indicators as well. Consider the following possibilities:


Multi Time Frame Analysis: Each datastream has a different timeframe, but all reference the same instrument.

Multi Instrument Analysis: Each datastream references the same instrument, but all have different timeframes.

Combination Analysis: Utilizes a mix of multi time frame and multi instrument analysis methods based on the user's preference.


➤  Displays Trend Conditions and Signals for each Timeframe/Instrument

Some Elite Indicators are trend-based, some are reversal-based, and some are both! That is why we designed the Elite MTF Indicators to display the color-coded trend at all times, unless a reversal signal is generated. Reversal signals always take priority and are plotted on top so that you won't miss them.


➤  One Chart and 5 Rows

Each MTF Indicator is designed to plot as 5 rows of dots, where each row corresponds to a specific datastream. The row on the top is the smallest timeframe (datastream #1) and the row on the bottom is the largest timeframe (datastream #5).


➤  No More Clicking Back and Forth Between Charts

If you're like most traders, you waste a great deal of time by constantly switching back and forth between charts in order to check different timeframes and instruments. Our MTF Indicators will save you from that constant clicking and help make your trading routine more organized and less stressful.


➤  Saves PC Resources by Using Fewer Charts and Indicators

Having two or more charts open with the same Indicators on each is a drain on PC resources. Using our MTF Indicators reduces the amount of calculations, which in turn provides a speed boost over the other methods of MTF chart analysis.


➤  Advanced Color-Coding Features and Options

We take color-coding to a new level by giving you full control of the color settings for all of the various trend conditions and signals. Each trader has unique color preferences and those with color blindness struggle with the common greens and reds, so we gave you the ability to customize everything to your specific needs.


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Elite Oscillator MTF



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Elite Cycles MTF



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Elite Scalper Dots MTF



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Elite Exits MTF



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Elite Trend Zones MTF



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Elite Trender MTF



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Elite FIBs MTF



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Elite Trailing Stop MTF