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What Makes the Elite Indicators the Best Trading Indicators on the Market?


We understand what traders want from their trading indicators. And we understand what traders need to be successful.

The Elite Indicators are the product of an extensive research and development process that includes institutional back-testing and optimizations. The development team behind the Elite Indicators is comprised of Chartered Market Technicians® (CMT) and professional traders; each contributing unique specialties and market knowledge that we use to enhance our trading Indicators. An exceptional amount of applied research and trading experience is behind the creation and development of each Elite Indicator.

After personally using just about every trading indicator and tool available – and being repeatedly disappointed with their results – we made it our mission to create truly effective trading indicators in order to simplify our trading routine and strengthen our methods. By analyzing the best (and worst) elements of every indicator we could get our hands on, we were able to pinpoint not only how they worked (or failed) but also why.

Much of the effectiveness of the Elite Indicators – and the success that our clients have with them - can be attributed to the fact that our Indicators use a layered and confluence-based approach within their design and function. For example, rather than define a reversal signal based on a specific condition that must occur, we often define a reversal signal based on 3 or 4 unique conditions that must all occur simultaneously. This method enhances the accuracy and effectiveness of our trading Indicators, while drastically reducing the frequency of false or unreliable signals (i.e. “noise”).


We constantly receive positive feedback about the Elite Indicators and how they have improved trading results for so many of our clients.

Try the Elite Indicators today and experience what it's like to use trading indicators that actually work.  

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The Elite Indicators are available for the following Trading Platforms

The Elite Indicators are compatible with the NinjaTrader Platform

NinjaTrader Indicators

The Elite Indicators are compatible with the TradeStation Platform

TradeStation Indicators

The Elite Indicators are compatible with the MultiCharts Platform

MultiCharts Indicators


Scan the Markets for Buy Signals, Sell Signals and Trend Conditions

Scan for signals and trend conditions with the NinjaTrader Market Analyzer
NinjaTrader Market Analyzer
Scan for signals and trend conditions with the TradeStation RadarScreen
TradeStation RadarScreen
Scan for signals and trend conditions with the MultiCharts Market Scanner
MultiCharts Market Scanner


* You will receive specialized "scanner" versions of the Elite Indicators along with preconfigured workspaces and templates